Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a process to establish your website's visibility on popular search engines and also to improve quality traffic using organic results. The main reason to apply search engine optimization techniques is to increase your web site's traffic by obtaining higher rankings in search engines for keyword searches related to your web site. The idea is that with increased traffic, you will have increased sales.

Before SEO

After SEO

  • Become only a SHOW piece.
  •  Only an invited visitor can enjoy the services of the website.
  •  NO RE-SALE value.
  •  Services and product CANNOT be sold to an unknown visitor.
  •  NEGLIGIBLE visitor participation & presence.


  • Become a REVENUE generation model.
  • An unknown visitor can also benefit with the website.
  •  HIGH RESALE value.
  •  Services and product can also be sold to an unknown visitor to maximum PROFITS.
  • UNLIMITED visitors participation & presence.


At Isys Technologies, we follow certain methodologies to improve the search engine friendliness of your website. So, once you approach us, we do a pre-analysis report to let you be aware of the current state of your website.

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